We created the ssl_check_expire_days.py plugin for the DataDog Monitoring Service which we use as one of our many monitoring platforms.

This plugin allows you to pass it multiple SSL certificates installed on a server and keep tabs on how many days left until it is set to expire.

Datadog SSL Expires Graph

The Graph above shows what happens when we installed an updated certificate.

DataDog SSL Expires Notification Setup

The Graph above shows how to setup alert notifications in DataDog 45 days in advance of an SSL Cert expiring

The Plugin

To use this plugin

  1. copy the ssl_check_expire_days.py plugin to your datadog checks.d folder, ussually under: /usr/share/datadog/agent/checks.d/

  2. Edit the configuration yaml file and store under your dd-agent config dir, ussually under: /etc/dd-agent/conf.d/

Puppet DataDog Agent Plugin

If your using Puppet and the Puppet DataDog Agent, then you may want to consider forking our version of the puppet-datadog-agent module. It will dynamiclly install on servers tagged with https and insert checks for the associatedDomain website certs.

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