Drupal 7 Manual for Content Managers

We have found from working with our clients that one of the biggest hurdles new website content managers face is understanding and remembering basic Drupal content management concepts and processes. To help content managers more easily and consistently navigate their website content management tasks, we brought together, in a brief, concise manual, instructions focused on the most common content management tasks for Drupal 7. Today, we’re releasing v1.0.1 of Drupal 7 Manual for Content Managers, as an open source project on github for the general public, and in the hopes that others will find this useful and want to contribute.

The new Drupal 7 Manual for Content Managers covers topics, such as:

  • Drupal CMS Basics
  • Finding Your Way Around Drupal CMS
  • Finding and Managing Content
  • Working with Drupal’s Menu System
  • Using Taxonomies
  • Managing CMS Users

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. And if you’re a githuber, fork the project and send us a pull request with your edits. We’ll review and consider them for the next release! Enjoy!

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