Social Network Icons Stencil

We love using Omnigraffle for wireframing, sitemap, and flowchart duties. One feature we utilize frequently are stencils, both shared and our own. They greatly speed workflow, create consistency between documents, and can also act as a base point for documents that need unique styling. We noticed that we were constantly trawling our past Omnigraffle wireframes to scrap together and reuse social network icons in some form or another. When a Google search for an Omnigraffle social network icon set didn't wield satisfactory results, we decided to just make a set ourselves.

This set includes 16 minimalist knockout style icons that are labeled. 15 are based on social network site logos (the obvious ones, and some others) and we included an RSS icon. Importantly, we included all the base logo forms to make this stencil set multipurpose. These are vectors, so they scale nicely and the fill and stroke are editable.



  1. Unzip .zip file and open resulting folder.
  2. Double click the file SocialNetworkIcons.gstencil (Omnigraffle should open and present the stencil set in it's Stencil Window pane).
  3. Click Install in the Stencil Window pane.


  1. Unzip .zip file and open resulting folder.
  2. Put the file SocialNetworkIcons.gstencil under: Library > Application Support > OmniGraffle > Stencils
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